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The Constitution of the United States of America

For those who have not had a chance to read the Constitution of the United States of America here is your chance the link leads to a PDF copy of the Constitution and every american should read this.

PDF copy of the United States of America Constitution To Be Found on the Internet

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Search For Homes On Lynn Realty LLC New Web Site Coming Soon

Jim Real Estate Picture Coming Soon You Will Be Able To Search From Homes In Tippecanoe & Surrounding Counties At

Lynn Realty LLC’s New Web To Be Launched First Week Of July 2105


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Sold! Historic Moses Fowler House has new ownership


[anvplayer video=”522864″ /]

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — After more than a year on the market, the Tippecanoe County Historical Association announces the sale of the historic Moses Fowler House.

With the home officially off the market, the new owners — local residents Matt and Ann Jonkman — say they want to use the more than 160-year-old home to create memories like it did for them.

“We’ve always been interested in the house, and that’s why we chose to be married here as well,” said Matt Jonkman. “I think our interest predated our wedding here, but it certainly made it dear to us.”

The Tippecanoe County Historical Association listed the home for $1.25 million in March of 2014, after the group was unable to keep up with the cost of ownership. On Thursday, the association announced it sold the home to a not-for-profit corporation named 1852 Foundation, Inc — founded by the…

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Lynn Realty LLC has created a online Newpaper

Information is a needed resource. The saying “Knowledge Is Power” has taken on a whole new life these days. Smart phones, tablets, and mobile technology has become the normal life style for the country. From public hot spots to mobile phone companies it seems information is coming from all around us.

But where to you go and how can you find the information you are searching for in this fast paced world. For this reason Lynn Realty LLC has created a daily online newspaper that you can subscribe to that has local Lafayette Indiana news and Real estate news and markets.

Check out todays news for June 9th 2015. Let us know your thoughts.


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Repair my facebook connection with wordpress

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6 Relationship Killers the Wife Is Un Aware Of That She Does To Her Husband

1. Go behind him when he tries to do something. You know the type, always has a better way.

2. Make it his responsibility for your emotions.  He the reason you are in a bad mood today. Is that true or is he the one that is easy for you to blame?

3. Complain about what you don’t get to do.  Men desire to fix things and want to be the provider, (Some will try and some won’t) It is part of a man’s nature to keep his roll as the provider in tack. So if he feels like he is not measuring up, you guess it he feels crushed.

4. Don’t appreciate his efforts. Ok you want to injure a man’s pride and self worth. Don’t appreciate the things he feels he has done well. After all men feel what they do well is part of their identity. Let a man loose a job that he has had for along time or a career he was good at and you will soon see him become un-happy. When men are un-happy some will go looking for things that will provide happiness or temporary happiness.  

5. Put him down in front of people. Ok ladies you want to get a man angry. Put him down in front of people. He made address the issue in public, but when he does it will surface in most cases with resentment and I will say it won’t be pretty in many cases.

6. Be a Badger. Some may smile and think I am talking about a fury animal here, but as a rule some men do not appreciate being told things over and over and over and over and over and over and over. See it does annoying.